Is there any system architectures who knows laravel??

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    If you mean poeple that know how to work with it then yes
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    What's the question, I'll give it a shot
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    I'm not sure what your question means.

    I'll assume architectures => architects.

    That's quite likely, since it's quite wide spread & popular.
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    @RicoNijeboer yes you can say that! I need help with designing an architecture for a online POS application system
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    And by Help you mean?

    Full Spec, some tips, a question here and there?
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    @kojote yes in way! But mostly how should place the code and database the requirement is let customer a purchase a pack for the post system and let them login in to it and do normal POS functions. I know about POS and how it works. The question I have is how am I going to manage the database should I have two laravel apps.

    Currently my plane is to have two laravel application one for the POS and another one for POS system.

    and maintaining new database for each and every customer. And having another database to customer details and package details ect..

    In this way I think that maintaining would hard.

    Please guide me?!!!
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    @NoMad @kojote @RicoNijeboer

    I just wanna to know am I doing this right!
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    @NoMad yes I know about ORM thanks
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    Laracasts ---my goto for anything laravel.

    Post your question there.

    Then come back here to devrant to bitch about it.
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    @cha-m-ra Take a piece of Paper (yes, the analog one) and scribble it down. Use that to define a spec.

    No need to code anything more than click dummies before you have the spec done

    If you're having problems with this, clone this repo and play around with it
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