We've password protected a file and forgot the password we need it cracking asap.

Sorry we can't crack passwords on files.

If we don't get access to the file it'll cost the company up to 250k.

Well you should've thought about that before encrypting the fucking file with 256 bit encryption.

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    Sounds like a job for brute force ;)

    You get a lot if brute force fir that kind of money ;)
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    Total Fuckwits
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    Just leave a for loop running that tries all possible passwords.

    When they ask for a status report 2 months later you can say it's almost finished, just 9999999 years more to go
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    @Froot don't forget to charge per hour.
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    @Froot that is if they have choosen a good password which considering what happened I doubt.

    More likely its someones pet :/
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    @Froot 10 million years? How cute. If you try one password per planck time, it takes you 197776906011171210271254799 years, so about twenty quadrillion times the age of the universe.
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    @Fabian It obviously depends on the size of the password space you're trying. I mean, a password per planck time is pretty fast.
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    @Froot Length of the password is 256 bit. That was the base of my calculation.
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