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    Grab your umbrella, it's going to start raining shit ☂️
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    That person probably never used linux
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    Nothing, unless you call it by its proper name, GNU\/Linux
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    @mzeffect I think you guys should just accept that this name is dead in the water, it's not going anywhere. People have and will call it Linux and as long as it brings us good publicity I find that to be ok.
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    @Froot If you've seen my other comments on this naming topic you'd know I was being sarcastic 😃 therefore agree
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    @mzeffect Ah my bad, sry 😄
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    That person must be living a very sad life.
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    Linux is Life!!!
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    People are sadly afraid of learning new things. That’s why Nodejs was invented and PHP is still around.
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    @deusprogrammer I don't think that's why node.js was invented. It does explain the PHP side of things tho
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