Programming for an app with really bad UX is like acting in a movie with a terrible script.

You have to put your heart and souls into what you’re doing. But ultimately the final product will turn out bad due to forces outside of your own control.

There is no UX designer at my start up and our app looks like $hit.

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    if its a start up, cant you bring it up in a team meeting or somthing? I mean if you want to sell your product then UX is certainly very important
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    I bring it up, and I was told to write/draw any suggestions for a meeting tomorrow. Instead of coding, I’m drawing mockups in my notebook.

    I fucking hate how incompetent and awful my work environment is. I have been working for these people for two weeks now and I’m hoping I get another job offer soon. I hate the startup with a passion
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    These cheap bastards refuse to pay a UX designer, and now I have to try to clean up their shitty UX
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    isn’t it more like a great script with shit actors?
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    It's more like a bad set than a bad script, if you need help with UX, i would be happy to give you pointers while you find someone.
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    Took a whole year for me to get kicked out from the company being a full stack intern and they finally hire someone to take care of the UI/UX

    Got called back because I'm actually half decent and now we say 'Y/UX' AM I RIGHT
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    Well but what did you expect? You knew they dont have a UX designer. I bet you can find something to improve.. maybe you will become the new UX designer 😁 I think its not that bad. And you will have what you want, you can make the app look good and feel good about it.
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