I am on my way home from an 8.5 hour non-stop call with one of our software suppliers...

How to you guys handle situations like that?

Consentrating became very difficult at the end to be honest.

And if it my teammates would not have been there (they gave me food, sth to drink and filled my coffee cup) I would have snapt after 4 hours...

The only thing I feel capable of doing for now is to listen to extremly loud music

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    @QueenMorgana how do you manage your calls?
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    How in the fuck do they even spend that long on it
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    @needToRoll deep breaths, remembering I don't look good in orange, and this application.

    Recently my calls have been so busy, I don't ha be time to get distracted...

    Trying to get discord up again so I can be there for moral support...

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    @QueenMorgana Ranting really helps!
    I did not count how many times I muted myself to just vent for 30 seconds!

    How do you keep up your consentration? At the end I made a lot of typos and it became quiet embarrassing...

    Thanks for the support!
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    Just to understand, what the hell are you doing on a phone for 8 hours when it’s software related?
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    @needToRoll created a new account...

    I just keep engaged in the conversation to make sure I'm tracking and understand. It helps my brain keep up
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    @QueenMorgana any chance I could get the tag of the new Account?
    I haven’t heard from you in a while...

    In case you want to talk: #7364
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    @needToRoll I don't remember the rest of it :(
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    What rest in case u mean my discord tag it is my devRant username
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