I've decided I take issue with this community, and with this app. I know the whole point is to blow off steam. But I feel like this whole concept breeds a culture of toxicity, and whining. Which is already a serious enough problem in what we do everyday. All day at work I have to hear people cry about stupid shit. Why am I subjecting myself to reading it in my spare time?

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    Step 1: Press and hold app icon
    Step 2: Tap uninstall
    Step 3: Confirm the uninstall
    Step 4: Move on with your life.

    Letting your built up anger out isn't whining. It's emotionally cleansing yourself. Also, it's more than just that. We're here to offer advice, we tell funny stories, jokes, share memes, ect.
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    "Don't take things very seriously."

    Ok, I cannot give that advice with your actual work life people.

    But on internet, why so serious? If you don't like something, scroll and pass it. It's in your control.
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    yeah lol i agree but theres no better alternative. its kinda like php.
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    I wish I could harness the awesome problem solving powers and support of this community without all the drama. I know there are a lot of great people here. But that would just be cool mechanical stack overflow lol.
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    You can rant here and people will get it.
    People will understand in here that’s the whole point.
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    The community isnt bad... Its even one of the best community's ive ever been in, its loving and caring to people who have the same job... Developers no matt how jong or old, no matter the language, no matter the race or gender

    Its a place to blow off steam... Something not everyone can do without getting into problems.

    If your not able to handle other peoples emotions. Then the problemen might not be in the community.
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    This is like all the good things about reddit, Facebook and Twitter all bubbled up in one place full of developers, programmers and system engineers, (and you other folk), without all the spammy bullshit ( ok so there’s a few shit memes and recycled jokes now and then) but it’s still a great place overall.

    Everyone gets everyone, because we all have similar issues in the field, maybe your not using the algo to your tastes correctly? Downvote things you don’t want to see and turn on “don’t show reposts”
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