I'm just going to leave this here...

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    @J-2FA thats called a fullstack developer

    Most fullstacks should be able to tick all of that.
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    It seems person who placed this ad, somehow managed to prove his/her smartness within the ad post.
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    I should apply. I can get a note from my mum proving that I'm smart. A signed note I might add
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    I'm smart and I know it :3
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    I'm smart and i'm arrogant on the internet which proves it.
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    I want to die, smart people tend to do that
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    I like it.
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    Git, is that like sand..
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    I applied for a job whose listing was all about company culture and ended with the phrase "Are you smart and do you dare to interview with us, then we want to meet you."

    They turned me down. I sent them an email saying that "I am smart and dare to interview with you, so I expected an invitation."

    I have been working there for two years now.
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    @Charon92 you're hired!😂
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    Welp, so much for “my autism doesn’t limit me” i guess
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    Just flash your MENSA membership ID and you're golden
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    That's nothing special, i imagine most fullstacks will qualify
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    Recruiters are so stupid that if you stand close enough to one you might hear the sea.
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    @Noob that took a moment... and im not sure whether to be mad you for making that joke or at me for not getting it instantly
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    And if you smell the sea, you're too close....and maybe a little far down there.
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    @CWins zombies can't smell a recruiter for sure.
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    @CWins since a recruiter has no brain!
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