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    Why did they put the grammatically wrong semicolon before an and?
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    I smell Windows there.
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    @PrivateGER I think its a comma and I guess in some sentences that is actually the correct grammer. I dont know how but I have seen people adding a comma before and in many places.

    English grammer is weird..!!
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    It is not correct grammar.

    But some people think it is correct. If it was a prepositional phrase or a gerund phrase, it would work, but it is not either of these. (There is no object) If the sentence was, "Having designed and created a game, Steve unlocked the achievement."

    The issue is that there would never be a comma, unless there were 3 or more things done or the phrase was a dependent clause. Look up the Oxford comma and verbal phrases.
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    I think there should be like "A, B, and C"
    "A, and B" is not allowed
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    @PrivateGER in german grammar it would be correct to add a comma before the 'and' but it can be left out
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    @johnsonn I do know that, but in English it's absolutely incorrect.
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