Discussed my Internet privacy campaign - Google-free, encryption where possible, didn't even mention VPNs - with 2 people and they've both asked, "why, what are you hiding?"

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    Porn. I'm hiding my porn.

    It's ironic because I have a privacy based browser specifically just for watching porn. 😂😂🤷
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    @jhh2450 Which browser? Asking for a friend
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    @pda87 Via. Clears history when closed
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    @jhh2450 Similar to Firefox Focus?
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    @pda87 Probably. This just so happened to be the second one I tried. Pretty sure someone on here mentioned it before.

    I had used Dolphin but it kept crashing and shitting itself. So I tried this next.
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    Everyone has something to hide. Everyone. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

    Hiding things about yourself is just a wordier way to define privacy.
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    Disregarding the obvious stuff like credit card info, I should be able to read a crime novel without it raising some alert somewhere or having it used against me years later.
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    @bahua This. @ltlian That as well.

    I'd like to hide my bank account info from cyber criminals as well. Am I paranoid now?
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    Mostly living a Google free life here too, exception being Maps and Play Store (on alternative Android build). Run my own mail server, calendar/contacts system, use duckduckgo for search. Telegram for IM. FaceSlim on mobile for those folk who refuse to leave FB. Using a VPN service for a few things, with some VMs acting as gateways with a load balancer/gateway group spanning 3 different countries. DNS queries go via the VPN. Proxy set up to do ad blocking. Firefox configured to forget history and passwords on exit. And people ask what I have to hide.

    Well. Not a lot really. I find it interesting to try things beside the default. And I don't like my data being harvested for advertising.
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    @nightowl Ads is the main reason I started too. Suddenly realised how much data there was about me all over the Internet.
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    Maybe I want my browser to remember my porn. Everyone has found *that* video they want to watch again and again, right?
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    I don't mind my data being harvested for advertising, but if there's money to be made selling it, then I want some of it. It is mine, after all.
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    @bahua Instead you get your own data sold and used to make more money from you.
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    @nightowl I like you already, welcome!
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