I'm facing something really strange, in a coffee shop I go to usually, all downloads even if from terminal download speed is at best 200KB/s and at worst 50KB/s, but there is this game armored warfare, it reaches 2MB/s download speed on the same connection, while at home everything goes to max 200KB/s.

My question is, how do the devs at armored warfare do this? use max connection speed or are there any configs need to be changed so I can reach max speed in any downloading?

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    @Linux & @Linuxxx sorry to bother guys, but I'm not really good at network stuff and appreciate your feedback :)
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    Most probably parallel connections
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    @gitpull but I use FreeDownloadManager and it opens parallel connections, yet its speed is also at best 200KB/s in that coffee shop
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    @gitpush ok... now that topic gets even more interesting. Pinned.
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    The coffeshop may have throttled http/https connection?
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    @Linux excuse my noob question, if I try downloading from ftp will that bypass the throttle?
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    @Linux never mind me, I just tried FTP downloading 2MB file, speed was 100KB/s
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    What protocoll does that armored warfare game use?
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    I've got an idea. Maybe it has an (Google) speedy client implemented.
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    @Linux I just checked, found on their forum from a user that it uses p2p network, so this could be the reason?
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    That could be, sounds like they are throttling connection by IP lol
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    @Linux by IP as in, x ip can only send x speed back to me? but isn't by protocol or by domain a better solution?
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    They should throttle by client, but that is none of your business ;)
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    @Linux my business is to remove the throttling thingy :3
    Thanks man appreciate your help :D
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    Check the router :) depending on what kind of software they use it should be pretty easy I think
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    @Linux I'll try :3
    But really, it ain't my business I'm a customer not an owner to mess things the way I want.
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    Is the game really downloading at that speed? Could it be an extra zero at the interface?
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    > it uses p2p network

    Find out who else in the coffee shop is playing the game as well. :-)
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    @Nanos I'm the only one with a laptop there lol
    @gabrielvisconti I checked both task manager and my login page for the network show that I downloaded 980MB in 30 minutes
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    edit: Task manager was showing I'm downloading at 11Mbps
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    > I'm the only one with a laptop there

    That you can see. :-)

    Check the cars outside within range..

    Maybe someone in the back, upstairs, basement, etc. is playing..
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    I'm reminded of someone I knew who would use his laptop in the pub across the road from his house, but connect to his house Wifi.

    So, maybe someone in a house near enough is doing that the other way..
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    it's amusing seeing @gitpull and @gitpush talking xD
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    @vhoyer but @gitcommit is ignoring us
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    do we have:
    @githelp (y not)
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    wow, we have githelp hahaha
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    @vhoyer usage: git [--version] [--help] [-C <path>] [-c name=value]
    [--exec-path[=<path>]] [--html-path] [--man-path] [--info-path]
    [-p | --paginate | --no-pager] [--no-replace-objects] [--bare]
    [--git-dir=<path>] [--work-tree=<path>] [--namespace=<name>]
    <command> [<args>]
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    @githelp just tell @gitcommit to come here we have code to push online :3
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    @gitpush U guys cannot start without @gitinit showing up :/
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    remote: Counting objects: 950, done.
    remote: Compressing objects: 100% (912/912), done.
    remote: Total 950 (delta 574), reused 0 (delta 0)
    Receiving objects: 100% (950/950), 200.49 KiB | 526.00 KiB/s, done.
    Resolving deltas: 100% (574/574), done.
    Auto packing the repository in background for optimum performance.
    See "@githelp gc" for manual housekeeping.
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    @Falk it's a cloned project 😛😛
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    tl :dr Comments

    It's most likely a peer to peer connection. Same technology used by torrenting as well as many other games including my favorite, Starcraft :D
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    @uziiuzair and it turned out to be peer to peer found it on their forum.
    However I need to read more about it, I liked the speed and curious about how it works.
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