Function bool NewSpeedTestingStandard()
return UserUsesPhoneWhileLoad()
? "Fail" : "Pass";

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    @jschmold 😂😂😂 Can't edit after 5 minutes, so I was like let it be, gets the idea across 😆
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    You know that function returns a string and not a bool right?
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    @josephnasr Did some refactoring to make it more readable before posting, edit time had elapsed when I realized the return type difference.
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    Dude wtf is that code

    Function [return type] [function name]?
    Code after a return statement?

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    @AlgoRythm JS and C# combined thanks to no edit after 5 minutes :P
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    @ZerosAndOnes Might I recommend the supporter program? 30 minute edit window is an included benefit of being a supporter 😎
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    @AlgoRythm Thanks for the recommendation. I don't usually support freemium like services/apps, as I would either like them to be paid or free, not in between. But, I am considering supporting devRant 🤔
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    @ZerosAndOnes It's more of a support program. The actual benefits are minimal, you aren't really paying for anything.

    If that helps sway your decision.

    They don't pay me.

    They should.
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