How competent I feel today experiencing the WebDev world?

I've nearly gone insane editing my CSS code, not noticing any changes at all on my website whilst spamming F5.
Luckily, before I was beginning to plan my suicide, I realized that I was editing SCSS the entire time, having my auto-compiler turned off.

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    The way my web dev class professor talks, people frequently forget to close the tag they use to link the CSS file to the HTML file. Which baffles me.

    He also told us someone made a separate CASE document for every attribute we used. (We've been discussing the tags like article, header, footer, section, and aside. So they made a document for each one of those tags.) That blew my mind too.

    I'm not saying HTML is the easiest thing ever, but come on people. This is not C++ we're dealing with. It's genuinely not that complicated. Especially not when there's something like W3 schools at your finger tips 24/7
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    @jhh2450 w3 schools?!? 🤤🤧💩
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    @SyntaxError365 It's an intro class. Literally EVERYTHING we do in class can be found on that site. Yes people still do stupid shit like creating a new CSS document for every style. 🤦
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    @jhh2450 I get it I just now despise that web site. Moz all the way! https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US...

    CSS for every style...dios mio...did the teacher skip over the cascading part? 🙈😝
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    Oh man, the amount of times I've edited CSS, thought I'd saved it, hit F5 on Chrome to see no changes hahaha. PEBKAC!
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