Just got the Oreo 8.0 update for my OnePlus 5T. Yay!

But it broke something, so now I can't debug my app with Xamarin... 😐

Luckily there's already a bugreport on their bugzilla! It seems like it's been fixed. Just need to update Visual Studio. Guess I'm lucky after all. 😁


The problem is still there... 😡
Don't know what to do now... 😕

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    Reset your phone...
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    Ah, it seems I have made a mistake!
    I did not update to 15.6, but to 15.5.6....
    A bit emberassing XD

    Sadly, 15.6 is still in preview.
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    I installed release, and then discovered that iPhone like gestures that appeared in beta 3 is gone! And my navbar gone too!
    Switcher in settings did nothing, so I rolled back to beta 3😂
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    Yes, that's why I'm waiting impatiently for 15.6
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    @Firedragonweb yeah, it's taking ages! They're at the 5th prerelease already 😕
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