How internet explorer considered in web browser :D
Sorry just bcoz of frustration!

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    We seem to be missing a few words here?

    But from what I think you are saying:

    IE is a web browser because it browsers the web and renders HTML files (for this example)😑

    Although it doesn’t respect the web standards and breaks everything in sight but that’s another issue... or maybe this is your issue and i filled in the wrong words?
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    @C0D4 this much is not required for IE.. just name states what it is..
    It is IE
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    @AlexDeLarge yeahh!
    Now I feel better :D
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    @AlexDeLarge This grammar gave me some illness (no offense) 🤢
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    IE is technically a web browser
    A shit one

    But you need that to download another better browser
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