Travels to another state, about 6 hours of journey. After finally reaching the office, had to wait another hour for my turn. The interview starts
Q: How long have you been programming?
A: for nearly 2 years, I mainly code in python.
Q: Nice! (Puts a piece of paper infront) explain how the shortest distance between 2 cities is calculated by Google maps using graph theory..
I go blank and stay silent for an awfully long amount of time. Gets rejected.
After coming outside, I ask myself... Why the fuck does a normal tech company need written algorithms on graph theory used by Google maps?

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    The real question is if that company is really a normal company or if you did apply for the right position XOR branch.
    They are free to ask everything besides of things that are too personal ofc.
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    Aren't those the kind of questions you expect in tech interviews nowadays. Better know those Dijkstra's, Depth first and Bredth first algorithms.
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    How exactly is a weighted graph search a hard question
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    Like even if you know nothing about it, A* is the most logical algorithm you can come up with
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    Pretty sure they are not using dijkstra. O(n^3) seems pretty much for the number of nodes they must have.
    Also: it's Google? Argument ended.
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    It is dijikistras! Some highly modified one.
    I read some where in a blog post.
    Since I was learning A* ,I thought they would have done something similar to A* ,
    Yeah ,I read it as dijikistras
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    @Nawap I'd like to get that link.
    I cannot imagine anything as imperformant as this.
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