My first interview.

Interviewer looks at my resume, asks me questions about the projects that I had done at that time.

Tells me he hadn't done this much when he was of my age.


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    Yeah, he hadn't done that much...he did MORE! J/K, he's just a 💩-head.
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    Wait...what???? 🤐
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    I’ve been rejected by “overqualified” before, me: WTF does that mean, is that even a word...
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    @cyanly I think it’s because they would have to pay you more than someone with less skill who could probably also get the job done
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    Overqualified, it's a new world were being too good is just as bad as being too bad.
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    I love the previous generation saying how easy it is to get a job, especially during an interview where they email you the next day rejecting you

    "I've never SEEN so many job ads! And the Internet!! We didn't have that to help us back in my day sonny boyyy!!!"

    Back when you were guaranteed a job straight out of school because the market wasn't _saturated_ with devs
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    I'd stab him
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    Piece of advice, assess your interviewer a bit and try to be moderate. Off course impress them, but exercise moderation. Don't intimidate them....if you want the job off course
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    Obviously shitting himself when he realised he was an antiquated dinosaur who'd been resting on his laurels and you are a threat to his cushy job.
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    @spoiledgoods depends on where you live, there's a shortage where I am. Getting a job is pretty easy
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    @Shardj you're the minority though
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    fuck that guy
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