So I had this conversation with my dad
Background : He saw news about some celebrity's Twitter account got hacked.

Dad : Do you know how to hack a Twitter account?
Me : No dad. There are ways for people who do this kind of stuff.
D : But, you studied software engineering!
M : Yeah, but I don't do hacking.
D : Although hacking is not ethical but everyone should know about their field.

*Awkwardly left the room*

Just because I studied computer science doesn't mean that I SHOULD know hacking.

And this is not the first conversation of this kind!

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    Should have told him about phising attacks and how they work. That's what I did today morning when my dad asked something similar
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    That’s s bit like saying because you’re a chemist you should know how to make drugs in your basement.
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    @thevariableman That’s a good way to get out of such a situation! I have to remember that 👍
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    @7root umm no I think that’s something different.
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