Firefox Quantum vs Chrome - Round 2

I was prompted with an update for FF (auto-updater always fails for some reason), went on their website, found that part on the page, and opened up task manager. Had a short laugh.

FF: 7 tabs
Chrome: 2
Same extensions (AdBlocker, Ghostery, PageSpeed). Chrome has JetBrains integration though.

Actually 60% more use. Quantum Optimisations™

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    Sometimes processes uses more memory than others. You need more statistics than that
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    @theuser bah well, nothing serious here :) just finding funny they market FF as lighter when it's currently heavier on my end :/
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    So how is 7 tabs comparable to 2 tabs?
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    Yeah but if those 7 tabs are all YouTube videos...
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    @scytheri0n they aren't

    Don't get me wrong, I love FF. Just found it "funny" they proclaim it's 30% lighter

    Now I have the 4 same exact tabs opened on each, they're equal

    I think this "rant" is taken too seriously :p
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    @Phlisg I guess we are used to ranting real problems.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    @joas trying to find real problems :( don't have much hahaha
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