Few months ago I made an app for my buddy. Because it was simple soundboard app (it literally took me 15 minutes) I haven’t took any money. He said it’s for personal use only...

So he released it under his name on Google Play Store... And now he asks me to add advertisements... For free... When I asked him what can I get from it, he said “you can add your name to Credits”

That’s how you loose trust and buddies!

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    Report an app on Google Play, saying it's copy of your own. Even when you give an app to someone to use it, it's still your intelectual property.
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    it's a good sign
    You can now cut off your relationship with him/her with clear conscience
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    work on the visual and publish it with your own name
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    what a douche!
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    You can say that you can't do it, because yourself hired you to do the exact same thing and there would be a conflict of interest.
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    Add advertisement for him and put an easter egg with your name.
    That way you can prove its yours.
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    It's simple dude, agree to do it, but put 2 advertiser codes in it, for every 3 ads that show, 1 of them is his code, the other 2 are yours, he will never know.

    I assume as he is asking you to do this he cannot code, so write out the credits yourself too, giving you 100% credit.
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    iT's fuR eXPozUr!!!!11!!!
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    add them, put it on your own key. duh
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    It may have taken you 15 minutes and some of us as well. But that would’ve taken him days.. Don’t let him disrespect the skill, hard work, and determination it took all of us to get to that point! FUCK HIM UP WITH ALL THE SHIT EVERYONE SUGGESTS IN HERE
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    Well you learned that he is not a true friend!
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    Realease sources, profit
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    Just Fuck it!
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    Send the link of the app , we all will report it untill it's taken down. 😀
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    Add advertisements. Just make sure the ads use your advertising code ;)
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    Publish the source on Github 😂😂😂
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    How about creating an app that breaks his app? Might just be me trying to be destructive, as always
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    15 minutes to find out someone's nature? I'll take it
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    Just add the ads, use your own ad network key, keep all the earnings, tell the dude to fuck off.
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    @athlon give us playstore link, we can mass report it and give it some shitty rating...
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