Holy shitt that gradle speed

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    Teach me your ways
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    How? D:
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    Miracle of the God
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    How big is the code base? And are you just building the project?
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    Hello world app?
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    Lies. I'm telling you all this is just lies people.

    Ps. Howwwww
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    The photoshop is strong with this one. It probably said 1y 838m.
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    @AndroidOreo No way. Tht too takes a longer time that a second. I don't know what kind of sorcery he's using.
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    @Matano no, it can be faster if you have Gradle daemon running!
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    Your image editing skills are next level!
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    Sorry no editing and not a hello world app ill check total size when im home but from memory it was 11mb without the import of other libs. Ran it on 16gb of ram
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    That HAS to be photoshopped
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    Unless you have a fast disk and enough ram or the project is a kb or 10, this will never happen. 😂😂😂
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    Maybe gradle clean after gradle clean?
    Maybe a fully built project rebuilt, so still cached?
    Questions, questions...
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    If you look closely,
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    On everyone wondering about hardware, it is a asrock pro 3 with 16gb ram, and a r/w to disk of roughly 450mbps. (ssd)
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    What about the network speed @resdac ?
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    @Yvan i guess around 5 to 8 MB (40 to 64Mb)
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    Looks like more people should use maven
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    @azous hell no! Gradle is much better. I'm using Maven at work and I'm desperate to use Gradle. Maven has no daemon, incremental builds and so many other features, the syntax in Maven is ugly and unreadable as shit...
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