Working on a project where the coordinator is insisting on using OneDrive. Lost the link he sent out in an email so decided to:

- Google "OneDrive": Eventually brought me to "office.live.com/...." with a view of my settings and apps ... no OneDrive.

- Spent a while using a bit of logic to click around and find it, forgot logic doesn't work well with MS products and ended up on Outlook instead.

- Spent a while searching for the original email with the link, found it, brings me to "...sharepoint.com/....".

- Inside sharepoint (OneDrive?) the banner says "Office 365".

- But the browser tab says OneDrive.

Are Microsoft just afraid of consistency at this point? I mean seriously, pick a name and use it everywhere. Why is that so hard? why is that so complicated?

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    Microsoft 4tw
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    OneDrive FiveNames
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    Hahahaha this is what happens every time I enter in the long maze that is called "Microsoft's web site"
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    something similar happened to me, but I clicked the link my boss gave me:
    1st time ok, I saw the repository
    2nd time, "You need to log in"
    * checks https, checks domain name, whole url * well ok.
    "Please set up 2FA for your account"
    * sigh, ok *
    "This is not a valid phone number"
    o.O well ok, I don't need this right now, so lets proceed somehow.
    "Please enter your email or phone number"
    * angry af * you had it on the previous page god damnit
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    To be fair OneDrive is a part of the Office365 suite.
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    @jeeper yep office 365, available on office.live or xxxxx.sharepoint.com, to access a tool that shares none of the same words.

    You know how I access googles equivalent?


    You know how I access my mail on google?




    Feel like checking some photos?

    Why that’s on photos.google.com

    ... see how easy that is? See how much sense that makes? See the consistency and the more than 6 IQ points that went into thinking about it?
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