Bought a dedicated server a while ago and now have around 1800gb out of 4 disks in it.

Hardly knew how to work with proxmox/raid setups and so on a few days ago.

Can configure the basics without thinking as for now!

Gotta love learning stuff with open technology and seeing yourself grow 😃

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    In my opinion, it is the best feeling, to see yourself grow.
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    I've also bought an HP Z420. 52GB RAM, Xeon E5, 3*3 TB in RAIDZ for storage and potentially VMs. I I'm trying to figure out how to create an isolated subnet using a switch only for the devices that need to have access to it 😀
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    Sometimes I wonder what’s the point of learning so much
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    @f7u12 interesting
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    Using proxmox for years now, never wanna go back to Xen or ESXi
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