Had to wake up 1 hour earlier today, and the worry of that kept me awake last night. Now I sit here like a zombie, hating the day that I'm going to have, which is not full of exciting coding with headphones on and Babymetal in my ears, but full of meetings.
I already see my eyes tearing up, reality fading, a guy in a meeting asking me something and pulling me back to reality so that I could stare blankly into his eyes and reply a generic "Yeah, I agree with your proposal", so everyone will think that I'm on drugs or something.

Welp... gotta go. Fuck.

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    Take the matter in your hands... Two red bull couple of coffee and a quick walk before jumping in the office. Also at the meeting keep focused thinking on how you want to torture the guy that is annoying you the most
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    @donnico thanks, I'll try that :)
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