MacBook Pro ! 😎
Wasted money?? 😬🤔

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    Never wasted money. Macbook Pro = Sound investment if you maxxed the spec out.

    £1000+ for resale value on my 4 year old maxxed specc’d pro. Thats only 50% loss in value.
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    Nah, it's a good laptop
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    @schn39 You wasted money on that Mouse though.
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    Yeah, what other people said. They hold their value better than you think. A properly spec 2011 17 inch can still fetch almost a grand which is fucking crazy when you think about it.

    If you can deal with the keyboard then power to you. The 2011s were the last year that I could stand the keyboard without wanting to shoot myself. I eventually somewhat adjusted to the 12-15 models, but the new keyboards I have to say I really really hate.
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    If you use it, you like it, and it does it's job then it's not wasted money. (And this is coming from a passionate Apple hater.)
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    What @Wabby said. I made the mistake of picking an entry level Mac Mini as my work machine (because I honestly didn't think the company could afford the one I wanted) and I'm stuck with a pretty painfully slow system. But the MBPs are decent even at entry level.
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    Yes. PC with linux!! yeah!!
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