This is bloody annoying me! On Windows 10 while you have taskbar on top (because that's most comfortable for me) most of apps show behind the taskbar :<

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    It is intended, floating windows can be hidden under taskbar even if it is at the bottom.

    But what happens when you use Win+arrow up? It should maximize window and use only area not covered by bar
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    Shouldn't happen with a fixed taskbar, aka no auto hide enabled
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    @blem14 this is one of the most bizarre and annoying “features” in Windows for me then. I closed the program with the window in the middle, but yet it shows up on the top behind the fucking taskbar
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    @athlon what resolution you are operating on? I had issues with to big, non-scaled game client, that was designed for 1920x1080, while I had 1366x768. In that case it is designers fault for creating window with fixed width, not one calculated on the fly.
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