I find it hard to trust code school's courses when they use green as the color for error.

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    I've just been super disappointed by some of their content too. They have a track of iOS objective c dev courses, but they've stripped out all the interactive code challenges because they weren't popular enough to maintain (Swift is where the love is at these days). But that wasn't flagged up on the course page before I subscribed.
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    Codeschool content is good for complete beginners. I used it for their angular courses. Now I buy full courses on udemy. Work also bought a 1 year sub to egghead.io, but next year I plan on asking for pluralsight!
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    @yusijs I've only completed their angular course and I must say that I like it. The rant should be seen as a joke 😉 However it is a real pic from their site.
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    @mangs oh I got that. I was speaking in general. I took their free angular course and paid for a month for the other one. They were good starting points!
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    better get some books from Bits du Jure
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    codecademy is way better
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    @yusijs I love pluralsight!
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