Made a video-call interview. I was asked to design and start the development of a chatbot. I sent my work. Never had a response. A friend of mine was recruited and told me, my entire code was used in the company. :)

Just a test they said.

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    I also had an interview for an internship where they wanted me to make an entire POS system app for them, for the interview and I just noped the hell out of there.
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    @Heartizack not as wise as you
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    @naylik it's not your fault those guys are just assholes
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    Always leave a licence file in things like this, copy a report out to github or something timestamped.

    When you find out they've shafted you, you can make them pay for your work.
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    That's sleazy as hell.
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    @uh6275 a @seraphimsystems I’ll think about it thanks! At least I won’t do the same mistake
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    @uh6275 It was for a mission in a young french startup...
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    @naylik Don't worry champ..
    Kill them with your skills..😎
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    You can probably sue them. People wrongfully think that code on the internet or generally speaking without an explicit copyright means it's free to use. It doesn work like that.

    Quoting my CS professor: "No licence = no permission"

    As a user, your copyright still applies, even if you distributed your product free of charge. The only way they could have gained copyright is if they would have employed you. But if this never happened, you still have authorship AND ownership of your code.

    Since you cannot copy a copyrighted work without permission, they can't lawfully make use of your code.
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    @mohamed understand this, how will he explain the knowledge of proprietary code?

    We learn from mistakes! Not to trust anyone.
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    Sue them
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