Update on my job interviews:
I had four so far.
Got rejected from all of them.
The reason of most of them was that they would have to teach me too much.
I am applying as a junior.
What do they expect? Fucking Linus Torvalds or geohot?

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    Welcome to the real world :/
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    It sucks, but did you ask them after the fact what one skill they would have found the most useful, or what would you have to have known for them to try you out and then spending two weeks learning that?

    Or are you just gonna keep whining?

    How do you think Linus got to be Linus
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    FX [ Spots job advert.. ]

    "Trainee programmer in language XYZ, no experience necessary!"

    FX [ Goes to interview.. ]

    "We want someone who already knows XYZ.."

    FX [ Makes mental note next time to quiz via email with 1,000 questions before wasting time going to interview.. ]

    Actually, I remember doing that once, it took 3 months to get enough answers out of them to decide I didn't want to waste my time applying for a job there !

    It was like getting blood from a stone !

    Me "It says here you want someone tall, how tall ?"

    Them "Average tall.."

    Me "Could you be more specific.."

    Them "UK Standard height."

    Me "I'm 6ft, is that tall enough ?"

    Them "Maybe.."

    Me "Is that a yes, or no ?"

    Them "We would have to see you to make a decision."
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    Actually one place, insisted on hand made only shoes.. (No, not customer facing, telephone IT support role!)

    I did check in advance if my not-actual-but-could-pass-for-shoes was good enough.

    No bloody reply !

    A friend of mine got a job there, and cut all the shop labels off her clothes !
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    HR always want to hire someone as talent as Zuckerberg or Elon with minimum wages, but they ignore the fact these guys don't do programming.
    The real programming legend like Yann lecun spend more than 10 years to develop one machine learning algorithm, but nobody cares about.
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    Junior Front-end Developer Wanted!
    /*We seek a programmer who know all the fancy stuff we found on the internetz, like we WANT a person who does React, Sass, the other version of that coffee icon thingy, oh and if we are at it coffee script and fasttyper-script and can code in something as Wordpress language. Yeah junior because we really want to give you as little money as we can so we can say there is a carrier ladder at our company */
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    Sadly "number of years of experience" is what being associated to amount to knowledge you have thse days
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    Sorry man, that sucks. Four interviews isn't so many though. And after every one you should be more confident and prepared for the next.

    Job hunting is very much a numbers game at junior level. And try not to take rejections personally, it's very possible they're not hiring for purely internal reasons. You never know.

    Plus, getting work in Germany is weird. I've had super formal processes where I dropped out because some paperwork wasn't right and others were 6 months late with rejection letters. I've had informal chats resulting in work and then the money runs out.

    Best of luck and keep at it, you'll find something. P.s. if you're willing to move to Oldenburg, there's a job here if you're even minimally competent. But, if you're willing to move that far, then go somewhere more interesting.
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    > "number of years of experience"

    FX [ Applies for junior position with 25 years experience. ]

    FX [ Notices other guy with 0% years and can't even resize a window, gets the job.. ]
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    > Job hunting is very much a
    > numbers game at junior level.

    I don't know about that !

    After years, or was that decades and thousands of tries, I still didn't get a position !

    I remember seeing one guy, 11,000 applications over 20 years, still no job.

    I suspect some geographical areas, are just not for certain people.

    Then I moved thousands of miles, got a job just like that..

    So why wouldn't anyone hire me in the first location !
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    Hang in there! Just got my first job as a junior dev and trust me you don’t want to be in over your head with the code since learning their processes and methodologies is going to be overwhelming itself.
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    Do you have a portfolio site that might help weed out some employers so they know of your skill set before just a resume. What type of jobs are you looking for?
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    That sucks big time. Too bad you don't live in the Netherlands because the company I'm currently working for does hire juniors.
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    Wow calm down.
    I asked them in the interview what I could learn before I start working...
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    @DasKoder I know four are not much but i really want to start working and learn more specific stuff. It's so frustrating to get rejected for that reason. I know I am just starting and i told them...
    The last Interview I had was 4 hours and I really liked the office and the interviewers. If they invite you for an interview that long, you should expect that they have at least read your CV.
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    I remember one interview over lunch by the head of the department, who was telling me they so needed someone like me with experience.

    I thought being taken for lunch, and all that stuff, was a good sign!

    In the end, still didn't get the job..
    (Entry level!)
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