found a ; after line end in our python codebase.
must be a js dev.

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    and sometimes, curly braces at loops haha
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    Smash that fucking ++ if you dont write ;s in your js code
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    I didn't write any semicolon for a few years now in JS and it still works.
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    Or any C-like language.
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    well... one-liners do also use that.
    It doesn't necessarily need to be a js dev *triggered*
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    I use standardJS format now. No semicolon
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    Or a php dev?
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    It was me 😂😂😂😂
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    hehehehehehe fgetchr(&(int*) *i, SEEK_CUR, &mem); oooh and put more semicolons there ;;;;;;;;; and braces {{{{{{
    (char**) malloc(sizeof((int*) i));
    Just needs a bit more C

    *throws segfault in your face, messing up the whole 16gb of ram and each and every running app*
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