Anyone have same experience

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    The problem is when I alt-tab it'll switch to one of twenty something windows spread across 4 monitors. Chances that it actually hides what I want it to are pretty low... But nobody can walk up behind me in my office so I have plenty of time to minimize stuff. B-)
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    Windows at least has the bottom right corner click for hiding all windows. I honestly haven't used Linux in awhile, but I'd imagine window managers have implemented this somehow.
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    @javajavajava hiding all the windows is a little suspicious too
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    linux and multipel desktops are great. just switch desktop with ctrl+alt+arrow 😀
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    I use windows and I use windows key+ number to switch between windows.

    so this can't happen
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    >not using win+m to minimize everything and set wallpaper to ide with full of codes
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    @dontbeevil haven't used Windows for three years :)

    Multiple desktops are great when you get the habit.
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