If only I'd reach 1% of this guy's happiness

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    I want to be as happy as my CS professor at 8:00 when he's teaching. Instead I usually fall asleep lmao

    (No he doesn't do a bad job, it's just too early for my taste.)
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    @jhh2450 if you make 140k a year, talk about programming all day without doing any coding, you will be happy too😉
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    @sunfishcc He has a custom PC in his office, as well as the one the school gives him. Fairly certain he games while at work lmao. (He told us he's a gamer earlier this year.)

    But he has contributed to some open source projects and still does research, so I'm assuming he still does code a bit. I can't imagine someone who cares enough to go through like 10+ years of college would just not code anymore lol.

    I'm going to find out tomorrow if he still codes in his free time lol
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    @jhh2450 Let's face it, academic code is not production code.
    They only serves one purpose, get paper published. That's yet.
    With very limited reusability and mantaince.
    When I did my master, it was a nightmare when a professor supervise multiple postgraduates with different directions 🤦‍♂️
    And you don't even need to submit code to IEEE.
    Once you got PhD, you overqualified as a programmer, researcher role is very different to programmer.
    Someone did 10years reasech doesn't mean he can write clean code.
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    @jhh2450 Just keep in mind. Don't ever fight over coding style with your supervisor😉
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    @sunfishcc For the most part he's not a code style Nazi or spaces v tabs Nazi (#TeamTabs lmao) so it's rather chill.

    Keep in mind it's an intro class, so we're not doing much. The most we've done was like 100-150 lines of code project. (Mine was just over 100 with about 20-30 lines being blank space or comments
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    @jhh2450 what language is he teaching?🤔 150 is actually lot for Python BTW.
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    @sunfishcc It's python. But I'm assuming some where inefficient with their code. But yeah, it's supposedly was going to take 100-150. 🤷

    The project was an admissions to college check. You're given 3 schools, 2-3 requirements per school (such as SAT scores) and you had some guidelines for each school.

    Basically: a fuck ton of if and else (and elif lol) with a few loops. It took me 30 minutes or so, with about 15-30 debugging a few simple issues.
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