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    @galaxyfinder1 come on,,, do you speak Spanish?
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    that package though... l11. what kind of monster does such a thing?
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    @ingenioushax eeehhh. me yeah... ahafaha
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    That is gonna be hard to maintain, package f11 and variables that are only one letter long lol
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    @marcel yeah.. i know i know. isla ver y simple and zzz... i am starting a week ago... I am compressing a reading how do code and variable interpretation. what is your opinion? I go so less?
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    @reesmid Make self explanatory variables names, function names, package names, or pretty much everything you have to name. Because after a week without looking at that code you will come back and be like "wtf does this do? and why the hell did I do it for". If everything has good names, you don't have to read the code too deep to realize what is going on
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    @marcel thank you. I appreciate your opinion. really thanks.
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    Aside of the naming conventions, try to avoid the Spanish and stick to English. Always bare in mind that your code may end up being maintained by someone else who doesn't speak your language. Try adhering to code conventions from the very beginning, it'll pay back later.
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