That moment when an SEO 'expert' asks if changing ip addresses will put his sites lower in Google.

I'm a fucking Linux engineer, how am I supposed to know that?!

Please live up to your fucking title "SEO *expert*" and don't ask some innocent Linux engineer about this shit 😡

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    Such an expert
    ... you innocent guy 😂
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    It won't, if there's no downtime inbetween crawls. and it'll recover soon enough.
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    Chill bud
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    @AlexDeLarge Preaching the goddamn truth you are. 😠
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    Almost all useful SEO is just common sense. Put good original content on a website, use some descriptive keywords, use readable, neatly formatted URLs, and make sure a machine can read your content (check your URLs using lynx for example).

    It USED to be easy to trick search engines with all kinds of voodoo and hacks. SEO "experts" tend to believe they can still fool search engines, or they will at least gladly sell you that belief.

    The truth is, search engines don't want you to trick them into ranking you higher, they want to send their visitors to the right website.

    The solution these days: Be the right website.
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    It’s all about the color of the Ethernet wires.
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    @ManagementUnit Yes! That’s why my load balanced servers use an array of colors from the rainbow. I’ll have to use that line the next time someone asks me what all the colors mean.
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    A real SEO Expert will not call himself an SEO expert... 🙄
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    @AlexDeLarge @bittersweet Fusion! Twice as strong, and even the curse words'll get meaning!
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    @bittersweet right on the spot.
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    As long as you use the right redirect codes it won't.
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    @bittersweet Holy crap! Is that all there's to it? I thought SEO still was voodoo shit 🐔
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    @FunkDelegate Well, it still isn't magically easy.

    Some points:

    1. If your website is walled off with few public pages, or uses JavaScript even to load initial content, you have to dive a bit deeper. Aim to make your website more accessible. You can take the hard route (sitemaps/server side rendering/etc) or the easy route (make sure your page loads content even for the dumbest crawler, by checking in a plain text browser like lynx).

    2. Creating good content is not easy. You need a talent for writing good texts. You need to have fast page loads (spiders are impatient!), and well-structured HTML.

    But like I said, aim to be what people want, both on and off the web. It's not just spiders that are impatient, humans are too.

    And you can cram all the keywords about noodles and teriyaki in meta tags, but if your wok restaurant makes awful food, it will get shit reviews on maps and rank lower.
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    @bittersweet Thx for the extensive reply! Not much chance any website will be without js.
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    @uziiuzair A real senior developer won't call himself a senior developer. Your argument doesn't make much sense in this context.
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    @bittersweet oh man, you're only seeing what is in front of you, you're not seeing what's above of you.
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    Tell him that the modification of the ip will not pose any problem, except if he created links between these sites and that all these links come from the same ip.
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    @JohnCalik I left the company more than a year ago haha, working as a cybersecurity engineer now!
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