To all newbie developers,

Before you ask a doubt about an issue to someone else,

Try doing an initial investigation to find the root cause,
Look into the logs,
Find the stack trace,
Google things,
Have breakpoints and try to debug.

You come to me with a weird NullPointerException and ask me why,
Without even looking into the logs once? We ain't God bro.

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    Lol , if you ever want to piss off a fellow dev really bad, ask help for a null pointer.

    Those noobies fucking don't know that a null pointer exception is the program's way of saying "i am mad at you and i don't want to talk about it"... RE-READ YOUR CODE SON, THAT BITCH WON'T SAY IT, BUT YOU DEFINITELY DID SOMETHING STUPID!!!!

    Correct yourself, patchup with your girlfriend-code and if matters are still worse ,then come here x/
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    Is he developing native android app !?
    (Null pointer exception)
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    and never come to a senior dev with an OOM error. We fuckin hate those.
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    @Nawap not necessarily, more like a Java end stuff I believe.
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    That's a little unfair, from my experience, your tight very little about how to properly debug and ask if a sudden those stupid ways you use to debug become irrelevant. What may seem like a simple issue too you is something scary to a young developer, and sure they could go and waste 5 hours and eventually find the issue themselves but as a team, 10 minutes out of a senior developers time is still far better than that and they get to learn at a much faster rate.

    Might I suggest having a little more empathy?
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    @Wozza365 well.. that what code reviews are for. senior devs is usualy busy with something, and can't stop to solve every NPE a junior, who should have knowen better, caused. If you want empathy, go work as HR, or something.
    hand holding for juniors. sheesh. tough love is much better.
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    @magicMirror OOM is a bitch, fucking crashed our entire services
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    @Wozza365 I partially agree. But if they act like they know everything and never remember/write down amything when you take time and explain something for the n-th time, then I have to agree with op.
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    @sladuled sure in that case then they only have themselves to blame, but shoving them in a corner won't magically make them a good developer.
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    @Wozza365 neither will pampering them if they are unwilling to learn & improve.. talking from experience, being on both ends of this 'problem'.. IMHO some people are just not meant to be devs.
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    @sladuled I agree they shouldn't be pampered to buy they should be supported. I'm good at programming and I'm a relatively quick learner but in my first couple of months at my internship I had so much thrown at me that I really struggled, tonnes of new tools etc on to of the programming. Fortunately I had colleagues willing to help me. Had it not been for them I'd probably still be stuck on those things.
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    @Wozza365 agreed, same with me. But I listened, wrote stuff down, learned.. some just don't.. And don't even say they don't know something..
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    Wtf is this bullshit? Every java null pointer exception I have ever encountered showed me the exact fucking line of the problem, at least if its a null pointer in my code.
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