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I am a student who is just starting out in cs and web design. I don't really like web design that much and don't see a future for myself but I run a small website for fun.

Whenever and I mean whenever I show my roommate or friends a side project hosted on the site I get a 8 minute long speech about how an aspect of my design is flawed, how my color scheme is trash, and how I should do X thing instead. Whenever I argue and say that I like my design I'm met with "I'm the end user and the user is always right"

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    what a bitch
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    Can be both them being assholes or them actually being onto something? show it to us if you want, we could give more calm feedback.
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    Don't get taken down by negative feedback. Try to eventually improve yourself if the feedback is constructive. If it's unconstructive, fuck them.
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    Are you selling a product on the site?

    If not, then YOU are the end user. If the site isn't there to help a visitor do something specific then it isn't for them.
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    @JoshBent I would be open to criticism. I think what made me angry is that I wasn't looking for criticism when I received it. Thank you for the offer
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    Comfront him with a scentence like: "You are one enduser and not the whole world"
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    @turticus22 I assume you are either no professional when it comes to design or you both simply have a different perspective. However, would you say or yourself when a friend showed you some kind of work and you are fairly proficient with it that you would not see the one or another thing one could improve?

    I don't know your situation though and how they said it and whatever. But I would be asking myself if I wouldn't do the same thing to others and how I do it. And then tell my friend how he could improve criticism if I find it to be unfair.
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    A lot of people are saying that I should take their advice and its a sentiment I generally agree with. I've changed how one of the side projects works on the site because so many people said it would be better if I changed it in a very specific way. I'm not a professional so the site looks non pressional and because I normally just give them a link to the site so that they can look at something else I host on my site, its just annoying to be called out on it. Moreover their criticism isn't consistent, there isn't one thing that needs to be changed. It's more like I'd be tuning my site to every individual's preferences.
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    If I were you, I'd probably stop asking them for their feedback. Negative criticism is all cool, until it turns into an argument about whose right and whose wrong.
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    You never can make everyone happy.
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    I am professional webdesigner also. Years ago I was a student which also used to think or criticize others designs. For example latest (or maybe last years) design trends were awful. I myself for example hate brutalism in design, because it simply does not "calm your eyes" and in my opinion good design is not visible but works good. So I love functionalism. And also hate colorful gradients because they behave badly on shitty user's TN panels. But what I was going to say is, that I learned that there are many other forms of design and not necesarry only mine is good. People come in different flavours and tastes, so design also does. They need to accept that there is also "other" design trends then the one they believe is right. So if you like brutalism, go for it. If you like minimalism, go for it. Your design will only attract people similar to your taste and that is what is all about.
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    When your users say something is shit they are right 100% of the time. When your users say why something is shit they are wrong 100% of the time.
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