A senior developer come to interrupt me.

Senior developer: blah...blah....blah about this concept...... that concept... So, any new things you learn lately that you would like to share?

Me: I am learning back C++
Immediately he stop me and said, "Why did you learn C++? It is obsolete, no one use it anymore"

Me (in my head): But, you just said what I learn. It doesn't matter if its obsolete or not. Infact you are wrong, C++ is not obsolete anytime soon. I was about to share on webassembly.

Senior developer: So, would you like to join me in a short sharing session this afternoon.

Me: No thanks, I am really busy (just want to avoid at any cost)

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    Considering the V8 engine for JS is written with C++ lol
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    C++ is probably the most relevant language around. All the orgasmic beauty of c with object orientation? God, yes, please.
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    C++ better known as programming without training wheels
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    C++ is the most complex production language around. Complexity is not a great thing to have. Every company that uses C++ seems to subset it, and the subsets are always different.

    But C... It's like magic. It's like katana sword, it's sharp and it's easy to hurt yourself but god, how awesome it is when you master it...

    Just remember that Git is written in C, and it's one of the most stable and performant software around. Mastering C isn't that hard.


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    C++ is useful but...
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    > "It's obsolete"
    > "Nobody uses it any more"
    u wot
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    C++ is a god's language. Too powerful but hard to handle.
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