Okay, honst question:
What the fuck is up with all that self deprecation?
I am not talking about the usual irony that comes with certain stereotypes about being a developer.

I am talking about people telling themselves that they are unable to socialize, find a girlfriend or generally justifying bad things just because they belong to a certain group.

It's not the 80s. Software devs and nerds in general are not all social outcasts anymore. I don't understand how some people can just "accept their fate as a dev" and act as if anything is keeping them away from social success.

What's your take on this issue?

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    I've got the social capability of a party legend... I just don't like people and would happily transfer my conciousness into a von Neumann probe and just chill in the bobiverse
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    Socializing is for nerds lol, real chads sit at home and write assembly
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    @sharktits lost my shit
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    @sharktits I play sports mom, I JMP all day
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    Yes there’s a broader range of devs out there, but speaking from experience most of us tend to fall somewhere on the spectrum...

    That can make it hard for people.
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    @mundus I find a good dose of misanthropy is healthy.
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    maybe lot of us became devs because we don't like socializing.
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    @eshwarenm I find it comes with the territory rather than being sought out.

    But most of the devs I’ve worked with actually quite enjoy socialising, at least with each other anyway.
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    @Brolls true. maybe the stigma is true to me
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    I just found most cases to be self-made.

    Most people just seem to accept the position they set themselves in without any sign of just getting out there and trying to actually grow as a person...
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    @R5on11c my parents didn’t recognise the autism in me and just thought I was weird.

    Needless to say it was soon beaten out of me 😂

    It is very easy to accept ones station as given and not grow beyond it though.

    Making an effort is 100% of the solution.
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    Hi, I am your not-so-friendly neighborhood programmer. You are right, none of us have to live in stereotypes. No one should tell himeself that he cannot find friends, love, group to be part of.

    However, you are wrong. Not everyone are team players. Personally I can say that I am not good in social relationships.
    I will not let this as an excuse, but as a fact, a reminder and a burden.

    The question we should ask is why if youre not social you just make peace with it? And that question was asked many many times. If I had any answer I would probably be the richest man on earth
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    @hubiruchi I did not imply that everyone of us can socialize and be successfull with other people in life.

    I just mean to say that most peoples misery is often self-made and you certainly don't need to indulge in self deprication all the time.

    Yes some people really have a hard time being social and interacting with other humans, often due to mental issues such as anxiety etc. But i dare to say that most people are either to delusional or lazy to realize that you have to grow in life on your own to actually live comfortable with yourself and others.
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    Its a pain in the ass because you don't share common interests. Its not exactly normal to get excited over algorithms.
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    @n3xus Is it more normal to get exited over your social burdens?
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    @uyouthe found your shit! ew... gross
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