Roughly 180 days, 5 months and 29 days, 4,320 hours, 259,200 minutes, I devoted myself to a client project. I missed family outings with my daughter and my wife. People started asking my wife if we had broken up. My daughter became accustomed to daddy not being around and playing with her. Sometimes only sleeping 4 hours, I would figure out solutions to problems in my sleep and force myself to wake and put them into action. My relationship with my wife became very fragile and unstable. I knew I had to change but I just needed a little bit more time to complete this client project.

Finally, the project was ending there was light at the end of the tunnel. I “git add –-all && git status” everything looked good. I then “git commit -m “v1.0 release candidate && git push beanstalk master”

I deployed the app to the staging server where I performed my deployment steps. Everything was good. I signed-up as a new user, I upload a bunch different files types with different sizes, completed my profile and logged out. I emailed the client to arrange a time to speak remotely.

“Hello” says the client “How are you” I replied. “Great, lets begin” urged the client. I recited the apps url out to the client. The client creates a new account and tries to upload a file. The app spews a bunch of error messages on the screen.

The client says

“Merlin – I do not think you really applied yourself to this project. The first test we do and it fails. If you do not have the time to do my project properly please just say so now, so I can find somebody else who can”

I FREAKED THE FUCKOUT on the client!!!!!!! and nearly hung up. My wife was right next to and she was absolutely gobsmacked. I sat back and thought to myself “These fuckers don’t get it”. All that suffering for nothing!

Thanks for reading my rant….

BTW: I did finish the project, the client was amazed on how the app worked and it is has become an indispensable tool for their employees.

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    This is the main gap, between the user and the developer.

    They don't know that the "sort" button they love, the "filter" or having the form populated with the previous values, when they forget a mandatory field take a hell of a lot of work.

    We resume our work to a button. A button that does precisely, what they want. And the complexity behind it is hidden in the simplicity of a single "click".

    I feel your pain!

    Great that everything worked out for the best!!
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    The problem with being a devoted developer is the sacrifice of the ones we hold dear, we hope that they would understand, just a bit more time, just a few more nights... This is currently my predicament, I am ready to walk into a dead end career type job, cause I miss my family, I miss my home, I miss being able to buy groceries when I need them.. I miss playing my instruments and seeing friends... Most of my friends I haven't seen in over 3 years... When does one draw the line... And how do you do it. But apart from my sobbing, well done on the project and on completing it. Sorry for your stress though.
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    @GhostDev I can't understand why someone would let it get to that stage. I think there becomes a point where you cross the threshold of 'fucking grafter' to just living a very unhealthy life. That's my outlook on it anyway
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    I hate to say it but if clients found devRant they may actually understand the pain or falling that they wouldn't have a clue with what was being said. #cant win. Glad you made it through in one piece.
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    @fredrf yeah thanks. Sometimes I feel like there is no point in trying to educate them. But hey thats another rant
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    This could be a movie. :/
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    Probably explains why I can't keep a relationship going for long or why I rarely if ever see friends.

    I think I've got to the point where I don't mind anymore...
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    Wow. I would never put myself in a situation like yours. I don't know the circumstances but dude, get a grip. Working is only a part of life. Hanging out with your family should come first. Why did you put yourself in that position and why didn't you change it if you were so unhappy with it. I don't get it.

    As I said I do not know your situation and I'm sorry for sounding harsh.

    I have it really good in this sense, working for a big corporate company I have to deal with other type of shit but the second I leave the office I do not even think about work.

    I'm glad you finished the project and hopefully you're doing better now.
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    Why did you neglect your family over a job?
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    Absolutely right... You must force yourself to consider the client not as the most important thing in life. Sure, the client is important, but never above family or loved ones.
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    @fredrf the curse of creating stupid UI for users. GUI makes people forget the complexity
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    @simeg Fierce loyalty and the respect you demand of yourself, towards yourself and your clients when you are a sole proprieter or business owner can have this as a side-effect. And with each such instance you learn to do it better and expend less resources.

    I would like to think that the software that goes out into the world and changes the world are less likely to be created in corporate environments.

    And more likely by people like @merlindiavova
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    @ardinent ok that makes sense to me.

    I also think great software is created by people working like described in this rant. But what I don't think is that working for a client will result in some cool, unique software. That's what I don't understand - valuing the client's needs over your own.
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    I think having a client is a means to an end and all of us would probably prefer to write awesome software every day.

    These are the situations I fear even more though:

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    @simeg your not being harsh at all. I lost myself for few months, each day striving to get to the finish line and when I spotted an obstacle I jumped right in and tried to tackle it. You live and you learn and I have learned!!! My family comes first!!!
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    @mpotratz Yes!!! It's funny we went to a wedding just this Saturday and people where shocked to see me!!!! At one point someone thought I was her wedding fling.....😂😂
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    @freeridet foolish and misguided dedication. It won't happen again
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    @merlindiavova happy to hear you got something positive out from it. Hope you and your family are doing well!
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