Those meetings.

Those bloody meetings are nothing but time suckers. Much akin to some family event where they bring everyone together, regardless of their relevance to the agenda.

Also, the fact that we have been scheduling some important meeting always since 2 fucking months, only to be declined ALWAYS. The bloody meeting has been floating as an action item for 2 months, but none gives a fuck.

But no, we want to have meetings about meetings, and meetings about why a meeting didn't happen.

Also they ask us to stretch and accommodate, sucking time out of dev.

W H Y ?

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    1. avoid meetings. always.
    2. the 2 month long delay means the meeting is not important. stop trying.

    meetings with more then 5 ppl are a total waste of time from my perspective. Ignore bigger gatherings where ppl enjoy the sound of thier own voice.
    also, bring a laptop.
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