I still remember one of my lecturer asking whole class to install Linux because ,she thinks PHP does not work on windows machine 😂😂

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    Let's don't embarrass her.
    Let's say Windows doesn't support PHP and Python and Java and C# and C++ out of the box.

    Then I wonder, expect JS which supposed by IE, but not fully supposed. What else Windows support?
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    She still have a long way to go.
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    Any trick to get people install Linux is justified.
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    @electrineer it's the only free option on aws! Is it not justify enough?
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    PHP on windows is fine with IIS since it has an installer. Then in IIS just point it to the binary. Done. Not hard lol. But it doesn't perform that well I do admit.
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    Teach the teacher
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    @Aitkotw or she just have a short way but going very slowly
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    I mean, you CAN install and run PHP on Windows... but why?
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    @bahua for beginners, it's fine. I used php on Windows during early days of learning.
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