Probably when I was younger and got my AI working for her checkers game I made in Z80 asm for TI-86. Spent so much time on it not working and then seeing it finally working and taking jumps and scoring the board positions and it seemed semi intelligent even thought it was a very weak ai ... Still I was excited 😁

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    Should say for *THE checkers game I was making. Dern auto correct 😂
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    Sounds cool. It's like you made your own friend to play with.
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    You had a Ti 86.? Cool...
    I had a Ti 83, the best one at the time with 32kb of rom...
    My first game filled all the memory and I had just started
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    @RodrigoF cool, I would borrow classmates 83/84 (+) s to put games on them and ported some of my games to their systems too. I liked the basic on the 83/84 systems was faster due to it being pre tokenized but the variable names were more limited vs the 85/86 calcs. What was the game you made that filled all the memory? I remember some huge basic RPGs that would take up all the RAM.
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    I was making a rpg...
    It was working, but instead of a dungeon it was all text based, with weapons, potions, stats....
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