This is a very disturbing number from the SO dev survey

We need to get more females into programming. Not only does it improve the overall community, creativity of groups increases with diversified talents.

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    Haha. Just opened the devrant to post a question related to so insights. Found yours tooo haha
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    Or maybe let women choose their own career path instead of forcing programming on them because of 'diversity'.
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    Wait a minute...

    93 + 6.6 = 99.6
    99.6 + 0.9 = 100.5
    100.5 + 0.7 = 101.2%...
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    I had no idea that was even an option...

    Thank you for clearing it up!
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    You can't make them want to become an dev. There are more than enough advertising for women to learn about coding but if they are not interested then they won't.
    I know it's not a popular opinion but I'm pretty annoyed about the fact that companies offer better wage and free courses for women when I had to spend a lot of money and my free time on gaining experience and improving and still had problems finding work because of little experience in the field. I have absolutely nothing against women working as devs and would love to see more of them, but opportunities are already in their favor and I don't see any real improvement.
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    @qwert But somehow many people, we, ARE introduced to the field. In many cases by schools or personal interests. If I recall correctly, IT classes are not divided by gender, so everyone is equally taught basics. And if you are interested, you learn.
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    political correctness rants again :P
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    How about we stop caring entirely about what people have/like in their pants, and focus on skills and personality instead?
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    In college class, there was around 47 girls out of 62. Do you know how many stayed developer after graduation? Only 14.
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    @endor Too much logic. Stop. You can't just solve the problem in a single sent...ohhh.
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    We shouldn't "get women into programming".

    But we should stop telling young girls that:

    "It's OK to fail math, it's probably not your thing"

    "You're probably better at languages or art"

    "Haha silly girl why are you looking at the tech Legos, the girl stuff is over there"

    There are a lot of parents (and teachers) who are sexist in a very soft, friendly way.

    Where a boy might be told to put more effort into it when he gets bad grades for STEM classes, a girl might be comforted and told to look at something she feels like she could handle.

    My girlfriend discovered a passion for physics, archeology and development in her late 20s just because she had always been "gently guided" towards languages and care/pedagogy by everyone around her.

    We can organize girl code clubs and practice positive discrimination when hiring, but that's a bandaid on a deeper problem — indoctrination from cradle to puberty by caretakers.
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    But they don't want to...

    I have never never seen a company or a place that discriminated against women. It just seems women aren't as STEM-oriented as men are
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