> Take girlfriend to Starbucks
Me: I'll ask for a cold brewed coffee, what would you like?
She: I don't like coffee...

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    Good! That means she won't be stealing the coffee you brewed.
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    @irene she's a recent gf, first time I took her to a coffee shop, she's the first dev girl I know that doesn't like coffee at all.
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    @irene lol I don't think I can cover all her tastes in a couple of weeks going out tho
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    @irene well yeah but there's so much to cover, it'd be quite difficult to cover every detail
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    @JKyll I agree with you, but how did you get in that situation though.
    Like if you said "shall we go to Starbucks?" And she didn't say anything that's not your problem.
    If you walked by and you went in to get coffee then that's also fine because its getting in and out quickly.

    Besides that they sell great hot choco from what I've heard from a colleague
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    How does one like software and no like coffee???? Boggled mind is mine
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    @Codex404 I don't quite remember, but I wanted to share the moment.
    @growling this guy gets it
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    I drink both tea and coffee.

    But lately started liking tea more.

    Thank you British for leaving back tea. We love it.
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    What's wrong with not liking coffee while being a dev?
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    @Floydian I try to mix it up, some days coffee, some days tea, everyday water and exercise.
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