finally i finished a project and released my first game in google play!
very satisfaction, much wow.
now creating a list of features i will add in future updates, working on a marketing campaign and building concepts for future projects.

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    How long did the project take?
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    @xemira well, it was a very simple game, unfortunately i barely had time to work on it ( full time job, girlfriend, degree in economics) and i was completely unexperienced in game development and coding in general.

    so it was like this: 1 month for working on the project with the stencyl game engine.
    realized it wasnt good enough for my needs.
    2 months on remaking the project in unity engine.

    if i had more available time i possibly could complete it in 2 weeks with the unity engine ( with all of the assets ready).
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    Link please!
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    @uyouthe https://play.google.com/store/apps/...

    here it is!

    i will be glad if you will try it and give me some points on improvement, this is my very first project and i really look forward on getting experience on game development.
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    just saw the review from a devranter, thank you very much!
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    @kimailis great first start, not heavy, no lags, but I suck at this game and got a 150 score for a starter XD

    Waiting for updates :D
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    thanks dude! i know it’s hard at start but you get used to it and you can pick in the settings the control scheme ( arrow buttons or slider).
    but if you have any issues or improvement suggestions i will be glad to hear.
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    Hey so I tried the game.
    It seems fun, didn't play a lot though but I think if you put a higher quality background image it would look better.

    And in the play store the description can be formatted a bit better.

    Congratulations on actually doing this! I'm in college right (although not much into games) but I can tell you how many people want to make games and they don't do anything.

    You now belong to the set of people that want to make games AND have actually started doing that successfully.

    Good luck :)
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    thank you very much for your input!
    i think you are right, i will soon start learning adobe illustrator to be able to make my own graphical assets and make a better background, it wont be easy but it will be fun. also you are right about the description, i am currently working on making a better one.
    thanks again, i am glad to get your feedback.
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    Consider adding a tutorial
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    yea i think it will be a nice addition, thanks!
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    So... does It have ads?
    You could try to moniterize it with Ads :p Looks adictive.
    No time to play (same problem as you) but I was thinking on a few projets with Ads, to try to make a good reveniew , unfortualy I had to stop everything because of a burn out, but would love to get some info on the money that Ad Apps generate...
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    @RodrigoF yea it does have only banner ads, i do want to profit from my games but i want to put the ads to a minimum because too many of them are annoying. also there is plenty of info about that on the web.
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    Just reviewed it on store. Great work man!

    I have reached an highscore of 270.

    Some suggestions:
    - Add a global highscore. Perhaps ask the username of the player in the end of the game (save it so it won't need to be filled again)
    - Increase speed/difficulty as time passes
    - Don't be afraid to implement ads but implement them wisely. For example, give the player an extra life in exchange of seeing a video ad (this could go so well). Implement some gamification strategies and your game could benefit so much of that.
    - Change your description (as mentioned) to something more to do with a call to action. By simply removing "Free game to" and just invoking the user to "Test your skills [...]" could help. Watch out the biggest gaming titles for mobile and copy what they have greatly implemented.

    Hope it helps man! Good luck!
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    @ivoecpereira oh thanks! its awesome to hear and yes you are right, i will add a global highscore and the ability to share it on social media.
    there is already a speed increase mechanism in the game, but it builds up slowly because i didnt want to make it too difficult for casual gamers, it might be frustrating.

    maybe in the future i will add a full screen rewarding video, for that i will work on a nice reward mechanism.

    thanks again for the input, damn i love this community.
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    @kimailis I think like you, I hate full screen apps with videos
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    @RodrigoF full screen ads with videos are okay as long as:
    1 : they are rewarding ( for example you get coins for watching it)
    2: they are agreed on ( you can watch the ad if you want more coins, but we wont make you watch it if you dont want to).

    at least this is my humble opinion and i will use this advertising strategy in my future games. might not get maximum revenue but at least it wont annoy the players.
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    @kimailis yep but most apps that have such ads (full screen video ad) don't give any kind of rewards... You want it free you must watch it.
    Problem is when you want to use an app at work, like one of my projects
    .. No one would use an app at work if the phone will start playing loud sounds.
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    @RodrigoF yeah, thats why i want to leave the choice to the player whether to watch the ads or not
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