I found out that @trogus like the notch.


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    And complain to the playstore? Jk lol
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    It doesn't even look so bad when there is devRant on the screen. 🤔
    Does devRant make everything better?
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    @JS96 wanted to say that, but collabs tab is still missing... Hmmm

    @trogus Elaborate?
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    ....or maybe he's just showing that it works fine on all the new phones that do have it?
    I mean, iPhones are pretty popular, and even other big companies are releasing phones with notches.
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    @RememberMe Disturbing for me ^^
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    Probably the app would be removed from the iOS store if they'd show any other phone
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    @CozyPlanes I was using old screenshots, though eventually collabs will likely get demoted to more menu when get finally built out private messaging or chat rooms
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    @trogus Feature request: free cakes

    If we rant about cake, we get a free cake.

    Let's make it happen, boys.
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