Huawei P20 Series with yet another notch.

Let's get excited now.



(Pictured is P20 Pro with triple(?) cameras..... WTF)

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    As MKHD said in his video (https://youtube.com/watch/...) we are now in a middle stage between the old design and the new design without any bezels.
    So unfortunately this year we'll see a lot of devices like this.
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    I see they're staying true to their heritage of ripping shit off
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    @theuser Still nothing compared to Leagoo S9.

    Name copied by Samsung.
    Design copied by Apple.
    Device color, font of the logo and website colors copied by HTC.
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    Shit, my soul has been sold just by looking at the pictures.
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    @JS96 the corners of the notch are squared while the rest of the phone is round 🤢
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