$ alias sudo='sudo '
(note the intentional space within the quotes, allows using aliases with sudo)

And then:
$ alias fucking=sudo

Allows stuff like:
$ fucking rm /important-stuffs
$ fucking service foobar stop
$ fucking reboot


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    I am so tempted to try this on our production server
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    Uncensored stuff coming up
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    $ alias pls=sudo
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    Y'all need to try Suicide Linux.
    It's actually kinda entertaining.
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    alias fucking='sudo '
    alias murder='kill -9'

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    Never heard of this one?

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    @irene 😊😇
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    @commanderkeen what could possibly go wrong? I just did this on about 30 production servers #ansible
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    @rohr I use that more often than I will ever admit.
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    @jota funny that you mention that now ... as i am struggeling with a ansible thingy right now to make sure, no production is affected from changes :D

    ok, obviously i am not struggeling with it right now, cause i am on devrant - but some time soon, i am going to struggle with it !!! #keeptellingthattoyourself
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    @Zer0XE :D just never do history | grep fuck | wc -l ... just keep working :D
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    @rohr I just did...yea there is a TON of entires....walking away and shutting down for the night.
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    @Zer0XE history -c && good night :)
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    You could have simply done alias fucking='sudo '

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    @silverstar but then you can't use sudo itself with aliases.

    The general sudo was meant to be a basic bulding block 😀
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    Fucking shutup

    Should disable all the fans in the computer for 10 mins.
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    @jota "what could possibly go wrong? " - are some famous last words for people who are about to fuck up ;) but since someone else is paying for this party I think Ill just be a square and boring professional
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    I still have my good ol'

    alias wtf=man
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