We have this incredible Jira system that allows anyone with half a brain to report anomalies, add some screenshots in it, a description, links, everything.

Then WHY THE FUCK would you add a fucking docx file in which there are 2 lines and one screenshot? What blocked you to add the fucking content of your docx shit to the fucking Jira?

I swear to god, some people should be medically forbidden to come close to a computer

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    A customer? That's a common case.

    Most non-tech people don't know how to create a picture from a screenshot. They only know that they can paste stuff into word. Typical case of "If you only have a hammer, every problem looks like a nail"

    Or a colleague? Close it with "Usability issue" *eg*
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    Clients only know word (in a very limited and half arsed fashion) so everything they send is either a word document or embedded therein. Fucking Dick bandits.
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    @ddephor We said the same thing at the same time, but i like yours betteršŸ˜¬
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    “This incredible Jira system” is a phrase I’ve literally never heard.
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