Deepin; most beautiful Linux ever

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    +1 for getting debian installed ;)
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    What about workspaces?
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    I will just leave this here:
    Arch. Build the most beautiful GUI ever yourself.
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    Gentoo building the most beautiful os by yourself. Yes everything is yours.
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    @solooo7 Last time I've had it installed, you had 3 workspaces you could switch between
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    @Haxk20 Arch + Deepin Desktop is best
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    Is it still slow as fuck? How about the sources? Where do you pull them from? Last time I've checked, it sent shittons of packages to Walmart and Target domains, did they already fix that?
    It's a really beautiful OS and even Debian-based, but it still has too many shortcomings for me, sadly
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    Personally I don't like deepin- used it once, seemed really unintuitive
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