Owner of company I freelance for: I need you to find out what CMS [website] is running in.


Me: It's running in Drupal

Owner: Prove to me that it's running in Drupal, because she's saying you're wrong.

Me: Who the hell is "she"?

Owner: The boss over at [PR Company we do work for]

Me: Is she a developer?

Owner: No, of course not. She barely knows how to run a computer.

Me: Then tell I said it's running in Drupal, and if she wants proof, tell her I'm the developer she has begged to fix two other failing projects and I have delivered both times ahead of schedule.

Owner: If you don't show me proof, I'll fire you. I don't need attitude from my employees.

Me: A.) I'm not your employee, you are my client. I don't clock in for you and you don't withhold taxes from my pay. B.) If that's how you want to be, tell her to use terminal and cURL the website for the response header, as well as cross-reference folder structure for CSS/JS file inclusion to show it's running in Drupal.

Owner: What the fuck is terminal?

Me: If you don't know what terminal is, neither will she, meaning you have no business telling me how to do my job. Stick with assigning me tasks and let me use my expertise to get them done. Micromanaging need not apply here, mmm'kay pumpkin?

Owner: You sure are grouchy today.

Me: Yep...

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    This look unreal, please tell me this is unreal. Please.
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    @Drillan767 Sadly, this is real. Just another day at the virtual office (working from home).
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    This is how it should be :)
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    Or just

    footer.innerhtml='this site runs on drupal'
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    @sharktits LMFAO!

    But I wouldn't do that. I don't need to lie/cheat to tell people they're morons. 😂
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    Yeah but after 70thousand questions like that, tricks like this will save you a lot of time.

    Source: me
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    Perfect. If its real.
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    @sharktits How about installing Wappalizer on your browser so the thing returns on what the websites runs? This kind of cheap magic should be enough to shut their trap
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    @Drillan767 I probably wouldn't even do that. Because then the client will ask for it, which is yet another thing they don't need me for.

    I like to keep my tricks and tools to myself so the client needs to rely on me for answers. After all, I'm the "expert" they are paying. No reason why I should give them any doubts.
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    @zokazavevu I wish it was made up. This is what I deal with normally.

    My rants are just my day to day freelancing and dealing with clients/owner through the firm.

    I stopped giving a single fuck about kissing ass to a client back in 2014 when the previous firm I worked for treated me like shit and drug me through the mud in front of clients.

    I dish back whatever a client gives me now. If they don't like it, they can leave. There are billions of people on this planet. I don't have the time or care to deal with workplace politics or kissing ass.
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    The immediate response from me “get her to prove it isn’t”
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    Well played again. I like it how you respond to people who have a shitty attitude.
    Some time ago I enslaved myself for almost every job, even for shitty clients. Since I'am not doing it anymore, I am happier, have more time and despite all that more money.

    Anyway, keep us posted. :D
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    @Drillan767 ++ for Wappalyzer. So useful.
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    If she is so sure its not drupal what does it use then?
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    @Codex404 She thought and demanded it was WordPress, all because one line of code was loading a css file from "/wp-content"

    But of course, she didn't verify and when I took a look, the link was broken. So this was once a WordPress website that got converted to Drupal, and the shitty developer didn't clean up the code afterwards.
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    Well they don't call you @JMoodyFWD for nothing now do they
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    Yeah, this is the exact way this conversation took place, I'm sure.
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    @kamen I'm a freelancer and not an employee. I don't kiss ass because I am my own boss. If a client wants to be an asshole, they can find someone else to deal with their bullshit.

    Not only that, I've been working with this guy for 2 years. I openly and frequently tell him to fuck off if necessary.
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    @JMoodyFWD That's awesome you have a relationship with them like that. I only have two clients out of my freelance pool that I've worked long enough with that I can be "100% honest" with. I do believe that is what they like most about me.
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    I've seen this happen before, it's quite sad that people who have absolutely no clue about what a URL is come asking for "proof" that a website runs on a certain CMS.

    I'll just send'em Wappalyzer now. :P
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    A) I'm not your employee, you're my client *If you don't like it, you can leave*

    That's what I wanted to read :'(
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    Pumpkin. 😂😂
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    I wept a tear of joy that you actually had the balls to be sassy like this.

    Although I suppose once you’ve done work for a client for long enough and you’re comfortable with your position / have other clients then it’s easier to be firm like this.
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    We have here an example of high levels of savageness
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    Bravo 👏🏻
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    Absolutely unbelievable
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    @Large Well this is how I conduct myself these days. If someone is nice and professional to me, I go out of my way to reflect that back.

    But if they start wasting my time, questioning my knowledge and threatening me, the gloves come off.

    I've lost clients, but I retain the majority and a lot of them appreciate me being a straight shooter. A lot of clients hate the bullshit act of pretending to be nice. They, just like a lot of us, just want someone to be genuine and honest.
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    @JMoodyFWD good to know getting into this. I'll be sure to tell it how it is
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    @Large Though I will add to use your best judgment on when and how to cut the bullshit and speak straight. Obviously you want to conduct yourself in a respectful, professional manner if they are respectful to you.

    I will admit that sometimes I'm not the most tactful in conversations, but that's because I grew tired of being treated like shit for no reason.

    And it also helps to know who you're talking to. In this example, this guy is a very straight shooter himself, and we're always at each other's throats, but we also appreciate each other and at the end of the day, we tend to shoot the shit and talk like drinking buddies. Some people are so delusional that they live in the clouds and can't take criticism at all, which means you'll lose them if you speak this way. But in retrospect, is that really such a bad thing? :P
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    And everyone around you clapped ?
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    @Heisenberg01 Nope, I work from home. I did proceed to turn off my laptop and binge watch Netflix though.
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    The only appropriate response @JMoodyFWD
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    @JMoodyFWD "WordPress got converted to Drupal" sounds like something they tell you before start the torture in hell.
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    Well said though !
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    @Drillan767 @JMoodyFWD seems real to me... Unfortunately
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    This is how not to be messed around, bravo!
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